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Let your customers try on clothes

and sell more with the fit & feel engine

Online fitting room for large and small retailers

It’s free. No credit card required
We will calculate AstraFit ROI for You!

Fill out an application so we can calculate additional income you can expect after the launch of the AstraFit online fitting room!

It’s free

AstraFit's size and fit recommendation algorithm works exceptionally well with any specific clothing segments

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From now on, all AstraFit plans will include

integration with your Google Analytics, and monthly reports on the effectiveness of the Astrafit!

After installing Astrafit, the behavioral indicators of users

on your site change first, followed by those of the e-commerce business.

In order to allow you to track the effectiveness and impact of the online fitting room on your business’s performance, we include integration with Google Analytics and monthly reports on the selected KPI in all tariff plans.

What you get with AstraFit

Customers' love

Customers enjoy interacting with the online fitting room, so they spend more time in your store, because they try more and more clothes while using AstraFit. More time on your site translates into higher conversion rates.


Revenue growth

86% of people have non-standard size of clothes and shapes, and they have never bought clothes online before. With AstraFit now they can enjoy shopping online with confidence. Online stores that use AstraFit’s Online Fitting Room may finally get those sale rates they’ve never reached before.


AstraFit fit & feel engine solves fitting problems while giving shoppers a unique opportunity to virtually try on any clothes before buying.

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Better engagement

Group 15.png

Higher conversion

Group 16.png

Sales growth

AstraFit Visual Fitting Room at Doti online store has triggered

a 9% revenue spike by users who used the Fitting Room.


AstraFit is a great technology! Now we get more satisfied customers, who then become regular customers. The cost of service paid off tenfold, and gave us the opportunity to earn much more than we did previously.

Viktorija Lisauskiene

CEO at UAB "Tendencija"

Free up valuable time and workload

for your support managers

AstraFit behaves as a smart assistant, advising on product sizes and helping to pick the best fitting clothes. It means reducing the demand on your support managers/call center, cutting overhead and time for online support within the improving the customer experience.


With AstraFit  we reduce the burden on our call center by eliminating the need for managers to spend a lot of time trying to help clients choose a size.

Oval Copy 5.png

Anna Kovalenko and Anastasia Yakovenko


Why E-commerce owners choose AstraFit

Acceleration of  the sales processes

Sharp decrease

in returns

More regular



AstraFit makes online shopping super easy and our clients really love it. Fitting matters and guys at AstraFit take care of it very well.

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Create your own online fitting room

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