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How AstraFit Helped 

Must Have to Reduce Costs 

and Grow the Revenue

"With AstraFit, we get more satisfied customers, who 

then become regular customers. The cost of service 

paid off tenfold, which gave us the opportunity to earn

 much more than we did previously."

Anna Kovalenko and Anastasia Yakovenko

MustHave's co-founders


About MustHave

MustHave is the first and largest Ukrainian mass market providing clothing products at affordable prices. They really care about their buyers and want to give them only positive emotions while shopping on their website. Must Have aims to provide buyers the a world-class user experience.

Partnership with AstraFit

Implementing the AstraFit online fitting room on MustHave developed substantial customer loyalty. As we know, many people refuse to buy clothes online, but after clients got an opportunity to virtually try on clothes on MustHave’s site, they were really surprised and we had splash of buyer engagement. As a result shoppers were trying more and buying more. 

Seamless user experience was MustHave’s prime aim while cooperating with AstraFit. What’s more, after a 6 month of cooperation MustHave cutback support managers, as there was no need to spend time trying to help clients choose sizes anymore. As a result, they automated this workflow and reduced costs.


After using our online fitting room people cannot imagine another way to buy clothing online. With AstraFit shoppers get an estimate of how good clothing  fits them on a scale from one to ten and they get ahuman-language description of how well clothing fits them.

Here is Anna, MustHave's co-founder, shares here feedback on AstraFit:

We`ve been working with AstraFit for over 2 years. Now we can be sure that new customers who use the AstraFit online fitting room can buy our clothes without facing any size related concerns. For regular customers, AstraFit becomes as important as the regular fitting room in our two brick-and-mortar showrooms. When we disconnected the online fitting room widget (for testing), we were bombarded with letters and phone calls asking one question: 'Where is AstraFit? How am I supposed to choose the size now?


Case study in figures

Group 12.png

MustHave is a mono-brand. 60% of their online shoppers are regular customers who have made purchases at the shop before. In addition, 55% of those regular customers use AstraFit repeatedly to select the size that suits them best for each new purchase.

Shoppers do so because even within one brand, product measurements can vary depending on the model, body type, type of material used, and, especially, the way the garment has been sewn.

AstraFit’s impact on new users who buy MustHave clothes for the first time (possibly in their first online purchase) is significant. The conversion rate for purchases is 67.7% higher for those who use AstraFit during their first purchase than the rate for new users who place an order without using our online fitting room. Thus, AstraFit increases the number of new shoppers, who may then become loyal customers.

Group 13.png
Group 2.png

By increasing the overall conversion rate by 62.96% compared to those who do not use online fitting when ordering, AstraFit generates approximately 55% in additional revenue.

When shoppers are confident that they know the true size of the product they are ordering, they will spend more money (the average sale for shoppers who use AstraFit increased by 55.72%) and order more items (20% more items in one order).

Group 14.png
Group 15.png

For customers who make purchases online using AstraFit, the number of returns made because the wrong size was selected decreased by 50%. This significantly reduces shipping and return costs, therefore retaining profits

Group 3.png
Group 3 Copy 2.png
Group 3 Copy.png

With all this data, we can examine how AstraFit affects the store’s key indicators to determine the level of ROI.

Group 4.png
Group 10.png

Create your own online fitting room

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