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Segment: Children

About Reima

‘With concern for the younger generation and the future of the planet’;  this is the motto of a well-known company from Finland. Reima was founded in 1944,  and today, is known in 70 countries around the world.  The company uses eco-friendly material to create children’s clothing,  shoes, and accessories.


Challenges Faced 

The Reima brand firmly and fundamentally tackles children’s clothing. Green materials and innovative technologies are used to create their products, winning the hearts of their customers.

The brand relies on children’s wear, with a varied and wide range of products; as such, concerns regarding accurate size selection arise when shopping at Reima. Therefore, the company has decided to introduce the online fitting service; this would solve the issue of choosing the right size of clothing, hence minimising returns due to inappropriate size. Also, it would make the customer experience on the site more comfortable and enjoyable.

Challenges Faced


The standard AstraFit solution was integrated into the website.

A Button  "Try on online" was added, which allows you to  enter the required parameters of the child’s body and get a recommendation.

2021-03-30 11.44.50.jpg

But the segment of children’s clothing is specific, and when children are small, exact measurements are difficult to take. Therefore, we also added the button “Chart of measurement, measured by hand” on products. 


Clicking on this button will display detailed information about the product, including manually made measurements of it. Next, you can use the measurements of children’s clothing you have on hand, and compare them with the measurements of the selected item and thus choose the appropriate size.

2021-03-30 11.50.21.jpg

For better user experience Reima provided the video guide on how to use AstraFit.



The results are given for the period of cooperation from 1 November 2020 to

31 January 2021.

Behavior parameters

Changes in behavior parameters

Customer engagement was analyzed using two important metrics – time spent on the site and the number of products viewed per visit. With AstraFit, the average session duration has increased more than 1.5 times.

Data are given in comparison, not in absolute values.


When using the online fitting room, the user’s behavior changes as well.  Thus,  without service, the number of sessions per user is - 2, with AstraFit - 10.


As a result, the user has more contact with the products and higher interest in the brand.

Regular customers

Regular customers 

Since the introduction of the online fitting service, client engagement has increased significantly. 


The pie chart shows the percentage of customers who use the fitting room and come back versus those who do not use it and come back for new purchases. On average, regular customers’ coverage is evident since the percentage of regular customers among the fitting room users is 51.6% compared to 29.5% of customers who do not use AstraFit. 

1-диаграммаen (1).png
Conversion rates

Conversion rates

The conversion rate is one of the key performance indicators. This indicator proves that AstraFit users are turned into regular customers over 2,5 times more often than those who do not use the fitting room.

1-графикиen (1).png

Allow the customer to go through one pleasant experience of buying garments on your site and the probability of repeated purchases by the same customer rapidly increases. has an excellent reputation in the market due to the concept of the brand. With the help of the AstraFit service, user interaction with the site becomes convenient and fast. This is very important because choosing garments for a small child is a big problem for every parent.


Online Fitting saves time and money, but also gives you the opportunity to try out a lot of interesting models.

Create your own online fitting room

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