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Product Digitization

Each product has its own digital profile, which contains basic information about it. A digital profile is created by digitizing the product. 

In the process of digitization, you only need to answer simple questions regarding the product. No additional knowledge and skills are required. You can easily perform the digitization at AstraFit account of your business. 

Want to take it to pro level?



on AstraFit side

AstraFit digitizing expert will visit you on the appointed time and date and will perform digitization of your available products.

You only need to pick up the most suitable time for digitization and would make it.


Digitization training for your employees

Just send us your manager contact details to and we would start the training. After the successful certification your employee will be able to digitize products quickly and professionally.


Digitization according

to the technical specifications

Do you have the technical specifications of the products you sell? Great!

You can send the specifications to AstraFit manager. If all the necessary data are included, we will put it into the AstraFit system, If data is not enough you will need to choose another way of digitization.

Create your own online fitting room

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