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Sports clothing is a rather large segment of the market, applicable to both professional athletes and beginners . It is important to the buyer that the clothes are comfortable, of good quality, and most importantly correspond to their measurements and the sport they are practicing.


About Megasport


Segment: Sport

Region: Ukraine

MEGASPORT started in 1992. Now it has a large network of multi-brand sportswear stores throughout Ukraine, and started with several shops in Vinnitsa and Odessa.

Megasport stores attract consumers with the opportunity to choose the best products of international brands, presented in a wide range and for a fair price. The stores have products from well-known companies such as Nike, Puma, Anta, New Balance, Champion, East Peak, Arena, Speedo, Converse, Mizuno, IcePeak, Karrimor, The North Face, Rider, Umbro, and others.


Challenges Faced 

MEGASPORT has a long lasting reputation, with unquestionable product quality. But questions do arise around the size and fit of the model.


The main tasks of the virtual fitting room were finding best fit and size for buyers and increasing conversion rates.

Challenges Faced



Unique and user-friendly, AstraFit increases the number of buyers and promotes their transition into permanent ones. Thanks to the introduction of the online fitting room, individual recommendations were generated for each buyer. Such recommendations are based on real data on the user’s figure and the product’s parameters. Data is given for the period of use of the service from January 1, 2021 to March 30, 2021.

Behavior parameters

Changes in behavior parameters

Customer engagement was analyzed using two important metrics – the time spent on the site and the number of products viewed per visit.

Data are given in comparison, not in absolute values. 

2-графикиen (1).png

This makes it clear that the more buyers try products on, the more they are in contact with the site and become more loyal to the brand.When buyers use AstraFit, the time spent on the site increases by 2.5 times.  


Without using AstraFit, the average number of sessions per user is 2, and when using the AstraFit — 10.  

Regular customers

Regular customers 

The pie chart shows the percentage of customers who use the fitting room and come back versus those who do not use it and come back for new purchases. On average, regular customers’ coverage is evident since the percentage of regular customers among the fitting room users is 55.4% compared to 28.7% of customers who do not use AstraFit.

1-диаграммаen (3).png
Conversion rates

Conversion rates

A constant key indicator of integration efficiency is conversion. Thanks to innovations and the convenience of the fitting room, visitors who use AstraFit convert into regular customers more than 2.9 times more often than those who do not use the fitting room.

1-графикиen (1).png

Ease and convenience are easy to get used to, so users are increasingly shopping through the AstraFit online fitting room.


Every sport requires proper clothing, either loose or extremely tight. Finding the right size and fit online is tricky as each garment has its own fit. Fortunately, AstraFit will help the buyer choose comfortable activewear. The virtual fitting room will describe the features of the fit for all areas of the user's body and help them make the right choice!

Thanks to this integration on the MEGASPORT website, AstraFit once again proved the need for virtual fitting service. This is a new level of consumption for customers and online stores. The conclusion is obvious: available online fitting option increases the probability of making a purchase on the site.

AstraFit is also a unique trading advantage of your business!

At the initiative of AstraFit, a test campaign was launched in Facebook Ads Manager. Links were posted on, specifically on products depicted in advertisements.

We at AstraFit wanted to look at user feedback on the possibility of trying on clothes online.


Visuals for marketing campaign in Facebook and Instagram for MEGASPORT

Test Results

In just 6 days, the advertisements received 154 direct conversions to purchase and 177 assisted conversions. The attraction cost was $1.15 per buyer (cost of direct conversions).

This demonstrates the clear interest of the audience in the online fitting room service on MEGASPORT.

In addition to the basic functions of finding perfect fit&size, AstraFit has a number of other advantages that are must-tries. You can use the ability of virtually trying on clothes on your website as a call to action in your advertisement: "Follow the link and try online on the site". Is this common in advertising? Not yet.


When cooperating with bloggers, ask the blogger to mention that all products can be tried on on the site — this will allow your shop to stand out amongst hundreds of advertisements seen by users per day.

Create your own online fitting room

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