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AstraFit for Lacoste

AstraFit helps to convert one-time website buyers into the regular clients.

After 4 month from installation, AstraFit users are turned into customers over 2,37 times more often than those who do not use the fitting room. 


Segment: Premium

About Lacoste

Polo Lacoste, with its green crocodile logo on its chest, has long been a fashionable icon in France and the world.


Lacoste, founded in 1933, manufactures clothing, shoes, perfumes, optical and sunglasses, watches, and various leather products. Today, Lacoste is one of the most recognizable fashion brands in the world.


Challenges Faced 

Lacoste is a premium segment brand and a strong retail player. It is difficult to question the quality of its products, and buyers are well aware of their premium quality.

In online shopping, the quality of products is unquestionable; it is only in choosing the size and finding the right fit, that customers remain doubtful. 


Lacoste's main goal was to increase the conversion rates  with the help of an interactive AstraFit  interface.

The success of the online fitting service was agreed to be calculated by the conversion rate: after installing the fitting room, this ratio was expected to increase by a minimum of 2-2.5 times.

Challenges Faced


AstraFit turns visitors into buyers as one-time buyers become regular customers. Each clothing recommendation on the Lacoste website is generated individually for each customer and based on real data on the user's body measurements and product parameters.

Behavior parameters

Changes in behavior parameters

Customer engagement was analyzed using two important metrics – time spent on the site and the number of products viewed per visit.


The data is given for the period of May 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020.

Data are given in comparison, not in absolute values.

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Regular customers

Regular customers 

The pie chart shows the percentage of customers who use the fitting room and come back versus those who do not use it and come back for new purchases. On average, regular customers’ coverage is evident since the percentage of regular customers among the fitting room users is 47% compared to 26.5% of customers who do not use AstraFit.

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Conversion rates

Conversion rates

The conversion rate is one of the key performance indicators. This indicator proves that AstraFit users are turned into regular customers over 2,37 times more often than those who do not use the fitting room.

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The key to success is simple: one pleasant experience of buying and the probability of repeated purchases by the same customer rapidly increases.

Now online retailers are responsible for creating a safe and exciting user experience for their clients and is doing it perfectly.


AstraFit interacts with website visitors and generates an emotional attachment to the service, and by association, to the brand. The user gets into the dopamine loop, wishes to try on more and more products, and the interest in finding out how the next product fits him does not fade away.

Create your own online fitting room

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