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Feedback from Quelle team:

“To provide our customers with seamless user journey on our site and to help them find their perfect fitting clothes we decided to implement smart fitting technology. We had an understanding of how it could impact our sales. But, we are not an ordinary online store as we had more that 45k models of clothing and as we understand later it was really challenging task. We went through dozens of projects and only at AstraFit we got an answer: “no problem, we can do it.” After all more than 12 million people had an opportunity to try clothing before buying - we were really surprised with the results - and all of that thanks to AstraFit.”

Quelle team

Case study in figures together with measured more than 45,000 items and processed all incoming information, giving customers the opportunity to select the styles that suit them, in just the right size. Customers really liked the idea of getting personalized recommendations. As a result, from May to December 2017, AstraFit made size suggestions to customers more than 12 million times.

Customer Reviews

We have received a huge amount of positive feedback from users, indicating a really high adoption rate. For many users, the option of personalized virtual fitting was very important. This opportunity undoubtedly had a positive impact on customer loyalty.

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There is no better recognition than really positive customer feedback. We are aiming to make online shopping easier than going into the store and we’re moving the industry in that direction.


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How AstraFit helped Otto to digitize over 45k models of clothing

"We went through dozens of projects and only 

AstraFit gave us an answer: “No problem, we can do it."


from Quelle


About Quelle

Part of the Otto Group, is a large-scale e-commerce project, with a monthly audience of 2 to 3 million users. It offers hundreds of brands on its website from the niche to global.

Partnership with AstraFit

In 2017, installed on its website a personalized fitting room, AstraFit. The purpose of installing the plug-in was to enable visitors to benefit from a more personalized approach when choosing and buying clothes. The aim was to also increase brand loyalty for would increase.

Create your own online fitting room

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