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Regular Customers

The engagement of regular customers was obvious, because there were 68% of regular customers who used the function, compared to 37% who did not use the function.

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Shoppers engagement

Our two key performance indicators:  the time spent on the site and the number of products viewed per visit.


Data are given in comparison, not in absolute values.

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One of the most significant e-commerce performance metrics is the conversion to purchase ratio. AstraFit users converted into purchases over 3.5 times more often than those who did not use the function.

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Our digital world is becoming more and more interactive and online shopping must keep up. Customers need to feel engaged, much like they do in physical stores while also benefiting from the ease of online shopping channels provide. The ball is now in the online retailers court, to create an immersive experience for shoppers we need interactive fittings. This will not only enhance the individual shopping experience, but also be profitable with a drop in returns, less abandoned carts and less heartache.


Virtual fitting rooms, just like physical fitting rooms, reduce the rate of returns. When a customer is confident about his or her purchase, loyalty and the chances of that customer returning increase. The AstraFit Virtual Fitting Room offers a win-win for both the online retailer and the customer. See how we stack up to (link to side by side compare chart with competitors).




Making presents 

is easy with AstraFit

“Shopping for  the right gift for my wife has gotten to much easier thanks to AstraFit.. She sends me what she likes  and with an online fitting room all I have to do is provide her sizing and I’ll always have a perfect gift. I think her man understands her very well 😅



AstraFit User

About Cardo

Cardo is a clothing manufacturer with broad experience in creating fashionable clothes. This is a dynamic, adaptive, brand quickly reacting to changes in the fashion industry. Each new collection piques the interest of the whole market and drives online sales.

Partnership with AstraFit

Our collaboration began in July 2015 and illustrates the effectiveness of AstraFit on Cardo’s business for more than three years. 


The growth potential with AstraFit is clear; the more visitors use the AstraFit fitting room online, the greater the revenue growth in the online store. 


The fitting room has also turned out to be a great help for those who buy goods for relatives and friends. You can buy a dress for your beloved, knowing just a few of her style preferences and some body measurements. When you can simply enter that data on the website of an online store finding that perfect gift goes from almost impossible to effortless.

Case study in figures

Create your own online fitting room

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