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Partnership with AstraFit

Together with AstraFit befree enabled befree buyers to try garments before buying online. The online fitting room gives you  powerful visual insights on how the dress going to fit you and how you’re going to feel in the dress. You will also get an estimate of how good the dress fits on a scale from one to ten.

Befree really liked the idea of online fitting room as they are always trying to give their buyers the best user experience. After almost a year of AstraFit&befree cooperation, thousands of buyers gave us their feedback and we were pleasantly surprised.


The above-mentioned comments show the real importance of AstraFit Fitting Room. One more interesting moment: most feedback we got from people with non-standard sizes that are at «in-between sizes» position. Example: their chest suits for size S, but at the same time hips suit size M and their waist all in all suits size XS.

After interacting and communicating with AstraFit end-users, we came up with a clear understanding that these clients with a special type of figure had never bought clothes online before and only now with AstraFit widget built into befree website could they enjoy shopping.

Shoppers engagement

We have analyzed the engagement of shoppers by two key indicators - the time spent on the site and the number of products viewed per visit.

Data are given in comparison, not in absolute values.

Group 6.png
Group 10.png


One of the main e-commerce metrics is the conversion to purchases. AstraFit users converted into purchases more than 3.8 times more often than those who do not use the function.

Group 4.png

Revenue growth

Group 2 Copy.png

When shoppers are confident that they know the true size of the product they are ordering with confidence and they spend more money.

Last year, another brand of Melon Fashion Group - Zarina, gave its customers the opportunity to try clothing before buying online. Counting the number of positive feedback from users of the sites Befree and Zarina, the virtual fitting room is rated by customers as a useful service for online shopping, which helps to avoid mistakes when choosing the size.



Nikita Dobrynin

Founder and CEO at AstraFit


"Online shopping with AstraFit is easier than ever before. The level of trust to the online store brand is growing with each subsequent use of our widget. AstraFit is not an additional service - it’s a must."

AstraFit Becoming a 

Necessity Rather than 

Just an Additional Service

About Befree

Befree is a brand for young dreamers with more than 200 offline stores in Russia. It is clothing for those who want to travel the world with wide-open eyes and heart. For fashionistas and those who keep a low profile; for those who are lonely and those who are passionately in love; for dashing and brave; for serious and timid, for the outgoing and party-makers; for wall flowers and unfailing top students.

Case study in figures

Create your own online fitting room

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